Hospitality industry affected by COVID-19 – The Winners of the 6 Free shoots

We’re pleased to announce the winners that will be the recipient of one day’s free photography following our recent press release about Jeremy and Ben’s offer of free Hotel, Restaurant, Pub and  Wine Trade photography for businesses suffering as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Photo of food from Devonshire Arms; Taste Of the Dales - Hospitality Photographic

The Winners are:

The Greyhound at Beaconsfield
Crear Hotels – Scotland
Megan’s Independent Restaurant – London
Yorebridge House – Yorkshire
The Torridon – Scotland
Queens of Mayfair – Mayfair, London
Meldrum Country House Hotel & Golf Course – Scotland

Yes we know that is 7 but we drew an extra Hotel out as we all agreed it would be nice!

Congratulations to you all, we look forward to working with you to help your recovery from the effects of COVID-19.

“Dear Winners,

We are delighted to tell you that your business has been drawn out as one of the establishments that will benefit from one day of free photography by the owners of Hospitality Photographic (Jeremy Rata and Ben Duffy). In addition to this, you will also benefit from two months complimentary PR, social media and digital marketing support from Kate Greville from Q Communications UK, the communications genius behind the global success of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs’ Stock Exchange Hotel and Hotel Football Old Trafford, as well as brands including Rosewood, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Golf to name a few.

Please confirm by return to me on that you are indeed still keen to accept this offer and we will send you the details in due course.

Content wise, we would like to know from you which areas you feel you would like us to concentrate on, it can be anywhere you would prefer, exteriors, interiors, food, drinks, or a combination of any, please bear in mind that we have a day so to get the most out of this we will need to make sure we are clear and organised as to what we are hoping to achieve.

Please remember we are keen to show via the imagery how you will be operating post COVID-19 and what the story is that you wish to convey.

We intend to carry out the assignments in as good as weather as possible so as to maximise the benefit to you. This may mean that we have to wait until the weather window opens but we will be in touch regularly to make sure everything and everyone is aligned.

In terms of your communications objectives, we will need to discuss what you need support with, whether that be help with writing post lockdown messaging, advice on how to communicate these key messages to your guests via the media, social media and through online marketing, leasing with the mediator generate awareness on how to keep target audiences engaged over the upcoming months.

In terms of next steps, we think it would be a great idea to have a quick Zoom call to do introductions and briefly discuss requirements and then we take it from there.

kind regards

Ben, Jeremy and Kate.”

We will be liaising with the winners next week to start the process of booking their shoots in.


Thank you to all that entered and to all that supported by retweeting or sharing this post. We really hope that it helps.


Exterior photo with a view of the field - Hospitality Photographic

Hotel/Restaurant/Pub and Wine trade Photoshoots Offer

Ben and Jeremy are offering six independently owned businesses a one day photo-shoot for some new images to help with their reopening campaigns. It could be a refresh of existing images or brand new ones, spaces, food, drinks or people, each case will be discussed directly with each business owner.

There is NO catch and there are NO rights fees. It will cost you nothing. In another addition to the offer and with Jeremy’s own personal experience as the former Managing Director of the Devonshire Group in Yorkshire, managing a hospitality group during the Foot and mouth outbreak in 2000 and 9-11 in 2001, he will also provide each owner with one hour of management consultancy advice on how to get through the other end if required.

Additionally Kate Greville the PR Genius behind the success of Ryan Giggs and Gary Nevilles Hotel Football and Stocks has offered two months free PR to the lucky 6 selected!  Closing date for applications 3rd June 2020.

Portraiture photo - Hospitality Photographic